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Consumption of Free Chlorine in an Aqueduct Scheme with Low Protection: Case Study of the New Aqueduct Simbrivio-Castelli (NASC), Italy

Torretta, Vincenzo; Tolkou, Athanasia K.; Katsoyiannis, Ioannis A.; Katsogiannis, Athanasios; Trulli, Ettore; Magaril, Elena; Rada, Elena Cristina


Tidsskrift: Water, vol. 10, 127, 2018

Arkiv: http://hdl.handle.net/11250/2496149
Doi: doi.org/10.3390/w10020127

The safety of high quality drinking water supply relies on the quantities to be delivered, on the complexity of the water supply systems, and on the widespread phenomena of the contamination of water bodies. These parameters indicate the need for the development of an application that will allow the quick acquisition of data on strategic management. This is requires both the analysis of factors related to the hydraulic operation of the plants and the characteristics of water quality. The present paper aims to evaluate the use of models that predict data for water quality in a distribution system. The assessment is made in order to consider the use of the model as a support tool for the management system of a supply network and to optimize the quality of the provided service. The improvement of the control system related to the operations of disinfection, in particular, in the case of long pipelines, is absolutely mandatory in order to ensure the safety of public health and respect for the environment at high levels.