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NORTRIP model development and documentation: NOn-exhaust Road TRaffic Induced Particle emission modelling.

Denby, B.R.; Sundvor, I.


Serie: NILU OR 23/2012

Utgiver: NILU

År: 2012

ISBN: 978-82-425-2536-9

File: NILU OR 23/2012 (pdf)

Sammendrag: The NORTRIP model is the result of research efforts carried out by a number of Nordic institutes to improve our understanding and ability to model non-exhaust traffic emissions and has been developed through the Nordic Council of Ministers project NORTRIP (NOn-exhaust Road Traffic Induced Particle emissions). The NORTRIP model is a process based non-exhaust emission model that is intended for application without site specific empirical factors. It takes into account direct wear emissions, the build up of mass on the road surface, the suspension of this mass, as well as the application and suspension of salt and sand. It combines a road dust sub-model with a road moisture sub-model in order to properly describe the retention of dust on the road surface. The model can be applied for assessment purposes and for the management and evaluation of abatement strategies regarding road wear, salting and sanding. The model development and its documentation, along with its application to a large number of Nordic datasets, is described in detail in this report.